Why are Módum capsules successful?

Módum capsules contain 13 different types of vitamins. In combination with the minerals, the substances ensure optimum effect and natural treatment.

Vitamin A: This is the lung tissue, trachea, skin, hair and gums maintained.
Vitamin B1: Is involved as a coenzyme in reactions of enzymes that extract energy from carbohydrates. Vitamin B1 also contributes to the proper functioning of the heart muscle and nervous system.
Vitamin B2: Maintains the nervous system, helps the body absorb energy and stimulates digestion so that food is used to the maximum. Healthy skin, good eyesight and cell protection are also the duties of vitamin B2.
Vitamin B3: Reduces fatigue, supports energy production, is good for skin, mucous membranes and nervous systems and helps to function psygologically (concentration, learning ability and reasoning ability).
Vitamin B6: Helps hormone management and is needed for growth, a good functioning of the immune system, blood production and a good functioning resistance.
Vitamin B7: Controls cell quality (eliminates malignant cells) and helps your brain to function properly.
Vitamin B12: Responsible for the production of red blood cells that transport oxygen through the body. It is good for the nervous system and inhibits inflammation.
Vitamin B13: Also known as Orootic acid. Necessary for the production of DNA cells.
Vitamin C: A very important vitamin in the fight against germs, viruses and other harmful substances. Is needed for the production of connective tissue, absorption of iron and provides increased resistance.
Vitamin D: stands for strong bones, good muscle building and a lot of resistance. Vitamin D also ensures healthy teeth and resistance to flu and colds.
Vitamin E: A very powerful anti-oxidant and anti-radical agent. Has a preventive effect against aging and lifestyle diseases, protects the nervous system, helps with skin and hair problems and maintains the muscles.
Vitamin K: Helps with strong bones, clean blood vessels and good blood clotting.
Vitamin T (Carnitine): Plays a beneficial role in fat metabolism, long-term energy storage and improves memory and concentration.
What minerals are in Módum Capsules?
There are 19 natural mineral types in our capsules. Here is an overview:

Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorus, Sodium, Potassium, Chlorine, Copper, Iron Oxide, Cobalt, Manganese, Silicon, Zinc, Iodine, Chromium, Selenium, Molybdenum, Titanium and Aluminum.

With 14 other building materials from this natural product, Módum Capsules help to keep the body in good condition and increase its resistance.

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