About Confyx

Confyx was founded in response to the demand of many people: why there is no natural treatment for my condition. With this search we started in early 2008. And with success. A product composed of nature, under the name Módum Capsules.

Módum Capsules

Módum Capsules are made from naturally formulated ingredients. These provide an approach based on the cause of the disorder or complaints, and not an approach to the consequence, the symptoms themselves. Traditional medicines are often produced to combat the complaints. However, that does not solve the problem. With this composition we are convinced that a natural treatment is certainly possible.


We have different treatments, and after long testing and research we have 5 conditions that we know is worth a natural treatment. These are the conditions we can help with:




Hay fever



We continuously develop our services. That is why we are always looking for new conditions in which we can help. Do you help? Send us your story, and we will try to help.

Mission and vision

Our mission is to increase the awareness of the value of a natural treatment. Scientific researches and patents are not reserved for natural products. That is why we try to create as much publicity as possible for the people who have a condition where Módum Capsules can make a difference.

The vision we strive for is maximum customer service with maximum results. Due to the expansion of our treatments for disorders, we need time and subjects. We strive to be able to add at least one well-researched condition every year to our natural treatments.

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